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If you enjoy lots of random stream of consciousness rambling, with some word salad mixed in, along with recipes and technical topics, you are in the right place.

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Tumors, Arthritis, Propofol, and Depression

More data points for my opioid/mental illness conjecture.

Sous Vide Bourbon Rib Eye Steak

An easy way to perfectly cook expensive steak

Stuffed Potatoes

A simple but delicious recipe

Chorizo Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese with a little bite


Realizations don't really help, do they?

Awesome Blackened Chicken

A spicy chicken and rice dish.

Blackened Seasoning

A spicy seasoning mix that goes great on chicken and white fish.

Time Flies

Whether fair or unfair, the rate of time increases as one ages

2022 RAV4 Hybrid SE 1000 mile review

An overview at 1000 miles

Chicken Buckwheat and Barley Soup

A basic soup for non-basic people