Sous Vide Ginger Teriyaki Salmon

I am not an expert on sous vide, but here is some info on it and a bit more.

It is basically vacuum sealing the raw food in a bag and cooking it in water, set to the temperature that the food needs to be, for 1-3 hours depending on the type of food.

It does require special equipment. My Ninja Foodi has a sous vide setting and all I had to do is get sous vide bags and a pump to suck out the air.

Ginger Teriyaki Salmon

1/4 cup sesame oil
1 tsp minced ginger
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1/2 chopped shallot
2 tbsp sesame oil for frying
teriyaki sauce
1 lb salmon fillet, cut in 2-3 pieces

  • Mix the 1/4 cup oil with the garlic and ginger to make a paste
  • Brush the paste on the fillets
  • Place the fish in sous vide bag(s)
  • Vacuum seal the bags
  • Using the Ninja Foodi sous vide setting or a sous vide cooker set to 130 F
  • Place the bag(s) in the water
  • Cook for 50-60 minutes
  • Heat the 2 tbsp oil in a pan at medium heat, add the shallots, cook until soft, push the shallots to the side of the pan to keep warm
  • Place the fillets in the pan, pour some teriyaki sauce on the fillet
  • Cook for a minute or two, flip the fish over, add more sauce
  • Cook for an additional minute or two, serve with shallots on top

Serve with Japanese short-grain rice, or any rice you like. A salad topping with this dressing goes well with it.

It is easier to remove the skin after it has cooked in the pan.

Of course, it is trivial to skip the sous vide step and just cook it on the stove top. I think sous vide helps to keep it from becoming dry.

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