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The initial goals of this stupid site are the same as when I began this ill-conceived adventure. This site has been useful to get things out of my head, clear them up, and settle my mind down. As pathetic as it sounds, writing to an imaginary audience makes me feel less lonely. It is all I seem to have left.

It is certainly well-named as it is all over the place in topics, and hopefully, topics will get even more diverse. I still doubt anyone reads any of this: the ratio of unique visits to requests bears that out, and that is okay. In a lot of ways, that makes me feel freer to be more open. Honestly, I hold a lot back because I am a very private person. If a certain person is reading this: no, I don’t edit anything for your benefit or to hide things from you, although if you believe that, I can not blame you. It is just my closed-up nature.

I write for myself, only. If any of this is useful to other people that is a great thing, and the thought makes me smile.

To that end, I am going to try to write more about what I am doing and less about what is in my head. I have some pretty unique projects coming up that could be useful to others if they actually work. I can not find many write-ups on what I will be doing online, so it might be useful information. Again, assuming that it works. Even writing about failures has value, perhaps more than successes.

Last month, I got the cooking bug back as I made a ton of different holiday items. I posted the recipes on some of them and will add others later on. Since I live alone, my meal planning has been very simplified and boring. I have noticed that the boring aspects of my simple diet make it hard to stick to that routine and make weight maintenance more difficult.

I wrote a few days ago that my goal is to get close to my Army weight. I am very serious about it. I am not sure why. I certainly do not care about my longevity or want that, and don’t seem to have anyone I would love to impress and make them proud of me.

Once a week, I will try to make a nice meal that may or may not be complex. It will be recipes from all over: Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, Morocco, much of the Mediterranean, Mexican, etc. Hopefully, they will not be bland Americanized versions. I am hopeful it will turn out to be authentic food from various regions. Assuming that I can get any ingredients that are not common in my area. Also, good restaurant quality. It might end up once every two weeks. We will see, but I will share the results and the recipes.

I would love to add pictures, but photographing food is not as easy as it looks. If I can get it to not look like a disaster, I will post them.

Once a month, I will also make a baking recipe, be it some fancy bread or an unusual dessert, and add those recipes.

I am working on finishing up the meta-programming series. Hopefully, in the next month or two, and expand out to other topics. Covering both how computers work and how computation works and lots in between.

I probably don’t want to write about the actual projects that will be made public. I don’t want my real name easily associated with this website. I have posted very personal things that I would never have if I put my real name on these pages. There is no real reason for doing that other than my private nature.

I am toying with the idea of book reviews, both fiction, and nonfiction, mainly programming books. Possibly movies as well. I have never let my incoherence get in the way of posting, so why start now?

I am still looking for a new static site generator for this site. What I use now is woefully underfeatured and is not being updated, and some of the others I have played with have one or more fatal flaws. If I didn’t despise front-end web work, I would just create my own. The more I write, the more annoying it will be to switch, so perhaps I should shut up until that happens, but I doubt I will.

Shutting up is yet another thing I am bad at.

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