Ginger Lime Drink

I am not sure what to call this, so that’ll do.

This is not an alcoholic drink, but I suppose it could easily be added if one were so inclined.

I don’t know if there is a well-known drink with these two ingredients. I came up with it a few years back while in a psychotic state. It actually works, which might tell me something…

As always, use the best quality ginger beer you can find. Made with real ginger and real sugar. The stronger, the better, if it comes from the Caribbean, that is better. If you can find a commercial lime sherbet, that is easier, but I posted a recipe.

This can be made as a float, but it really adds something putting it through a blending. You can use any kind of blender.

Ginger Lime Drink

12 oz bottle ginger beer - the stronger the better
1-2 scoops lime sherbet
  • Mix the ingedients in a container for your blender
  • Run the blender at high for about 10 seconds
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