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If you enjoy lots of random stream of consciousness rambling, with some word salad mixed in, along with recipes and technical topics, you are in the right place.

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Tales from the Goat Rodeo

Online dating/friend sites are insane.

HP Omen

A quick overview of my new laptop

Ninja Foodi

A first look at the Ninja Foodi

An Ad Hoc Social Experiment

Ways not to find friends, or, meeting people online is insanity.

A first-hand account of the effects of opioids on psychotic depression and anxiety

Do pain medications affect mental illness?

A Dragon's Regret

The dragon is alone again and regrets missed opportunities

The Second Most Useful Self-Help

Music and movies can help improve mental illness.


Distracting oneself after disappointment from being nothing

Methods and Reasons

The cruelty towards suicidal people.

To the Delight of a Dragon

Part two of the adventures of a sad dragon